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HeadworX publishes Mark Pirie’s Cricket Poems

In June 2021, my publishing company HeadworX released Slips: Cricket Poems in paperback and hardback.

The book contains 145 pages of my poetry on cricket written from 1994-2021. It captures many moments in cricket history including the ICC World Test Championship Final in England as well as the more social aspects of the game and imaginary fictions like Outer Space Cricket.

Slips includes a nice foreword written by The Cricket Society’s News Bulletin editor John Symons, also a MCC Cricket Book of the Year Judge. John writes that: “Our summer game is fortunate to have found such a good and talented friend and chronicler in Mark Pirie.”

For more details on the book, please visit the HeadworX website:

Slips: Cricket Poems by Mark Pirie

The Night Press publishes Jeanne Bernhardt’s The Narrator

The Night Press, a division of HeadworX my publishing company, has just brought out a small printed edition of a stand-alone short story set in Northern America by Otago writer Jeanne Bernhardt. Bernhardt recently received the distinction of being published by Tangerine Press in the UK.

The Night Press publishes Margaret Jeune's Cat World

The Night Press, a division of HeadworX my publishing company, has just brought out a small printed edition of cat poems by Margaret Jeune, Cat World. Written over many years, it conveys her personal experiences as a cat owner and carer.

The book contains some poems I omitted from her recent career-spanning, Selected Poems. Put together the poems form a neat sequence on the subject of cats. 

broadsheet 27 features Richard Berengarten (UK)

The latest issue of my journal broadsheet, no.27, May 2021, features the UK poet Richard Berengarten, a widely published and award-winning writer.

The issue prints a selection of his prose poems from a work in progress.

I have published Berengarten’s poetry for many years in journals and have known him since 2005 when I was editing/publishing JAAM magazine. Back then he was known by his former name of Richard Burns.

Others included were: Michael Duffett 1943-2019 (USA), Basim Furat, John Gallas, Alex Jeune, Margaret Jeune, Michael O’Leary, Vivienne Plumb, Harry Ricketts, Marion Rego, Anthony Rudolf (UK), Madeleine Slavick, Bill Sutton and F W N (Niel) Wright.

Here's the link: