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Mark Pirie publishes NZ Rugby Museum article

The Winter 2018 issue of Poetry Notes, the newsletter of the Poetry Archive of New Zealand Aotearoa (PANZA), included my article on poetry archived at the New Zealand Rugby Museum in Palmerston North.

The article covers a range of poetry kept by the museum from the turn of the 20th century up till the present day.

I am very pleased to have my article published. It involved a field trip to Palmerston North in June 2018 and some work uncovering the poems from folders stored away in boxes at the Museum.

In May I was also an invited contributor to the first NZ Rugby Jamboree held in the foyer entrance to the Museum. I set up a table to sell my rugby poetry and other sports poetry items.

The New Zealand Rugby Museum do a great job keeping the history of New Zealand’s game alive for the public.

Thank you to the Director, Stephen Berg, for his help locating the poems for the article.

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broadsheet 22 featuring Jeanne Bernhardt

The issue of my journal broadsheet, no.22, November 2018, featured the Otago writer Jeanne Bernhardt.

The issue acknowledged her contribution to New Zealand literature since the early 1980s.

It's nice to feature her work in broadsheet, after first publishing Jeanne in my former magazine JAAM in the 1990s.

Others included were: Sandra Bell, Jill Chan (1973-2018), Kay McKenzie Cooke, Michael Duffett (USA), David Eggleton, Bernadette Hall, Peter Olds, Michael O’Leary, Jenny Powell, Richard Reeve, Damian Ruth, and Laura Solomon.

Here's the link:

broadsheet 21 featuring Mark Young (Australia/NZ)

The issue of my journal broadsheet, no.21, May 2018, featured the highly regarded and prolific Australian-based New Zealand poet and editor Mark Young.

The issue celebrated Young’s contribution to New Zealand and world literature.

It’s an honour to have featured Young’s work in my journal.

Others included were: Tony Beyer, Alan Brunton (1946-2002), Thomas Fink (USA), Michele Leggott, Sheila E Murphy (USA), Michael O’Leary, Lisa Samuels, Pete Spence (Australia), Eileen R Tabios (USA), Mercedes Webb-Pullmann, and Ian Wedde.

Here's the link:

broadsheet 20 features Ken Bolton (Australia)

The latest issue of my journal broadsheet, no.20, November 2017, features the well known Australian poet and art critic Ken Bolton.

The issue acknowledges his influence on and goodwill towards New Zealand poetry from abroad.

It's great to be able to feature his work in broadsheet, after first publishing Ken Bolton in my former magazine JAAM in the 1990s.

Others included are: Jenny Bornholdt, Pam Brown (Australia), Laurie Duggan (Australia/UK), Michael Farrell, John Forbes (Australia), Dinah Hawken, Cath Kenneally (Australia), Gregory O'Brien, Ella O'Keefe (Australia), Michael O'Leary, Mark Pirie, Dominic Symes (Australia), and Tim Wright (Australia).

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