HeadworX releases new books by Brentley Frazer and MaryJane Thomson

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 by Mark Pirie

In August and September, my publishing company HeadworX released two new poetry books by Brentley Frazer, of Brisbane, Australia, and MaryJane Thomson, of Wellington.

Frazer's book combines major new sequences with shorter lyrical, concrete and prose poems, and gives a generational sense of what it means to be an urban Australian looking into the future. A 21st century apocalyptic howl from the cities: Aboriginal to nowhere.

Thomson’s book, Songs of the City, is the third collection by her and continues the development in her poetic since her second collection Lonely Earth. Songs of the City ranges over contemporary issues and offers a generational assessment of a technologically driven world.

I’m very pleased to be publishing both of these titles by two excellent Australasian poets.

For more details on each book, please visit the HeadworX website:

Aboriginal to Nowhere by Brentley Frazer


Songs of the City by MaryJane Thomson