HeadworX publishes new books by Margaret Jeune and Michael Duffett (USA)

Thursday, March 14, 2019 by Mark Pirie

In the first half of 2019, my publishing company HeadworX will release three new poetry books: The Presence of Love: Poems Selected and New by Michael Duffett, California, USA, and Flight Paths and Upbeat: Selected Early Poems 1969-1987 by Margaret Jeune. Upbeat is published under Margaret's maiden name Margaret Webb.

Michael Duffett’s selection (which I put together) comprises mainly new material along with some earlier poems and an article about his lecture tour and visit to New Zealand in 1979. It’s a significant addition to his poetry publication history and the HeadworX list. As an Associate Professor at San Joaquin Delta College, Califorinia, he has published extensively in prose and verse. As an actor (among other roles) he has appeared in the final episodes of the TV series, Magnum, P.I.

Margaret Jeune has been writing since childhood when she was first published in the Children’s Page of the Wellington newspaper, The Evening Post. Her two books represent mainly the best of her poetry that she wished to have collected at this stage. Upbeat covers her early writing period (1969-1987) and Flight Paths covers her writing from the past 30 years.

It's another significant editing achievement to select and publish these titles.

For more details on each book, please visit the HeadworX website:

The Presence of Love: Poems Selected and New by Michael Duffett


Flight Paths by Margaret Jeune


Upbeat: Selected Early Poems 1969-1987 by Margaret Webb