Mark Pirie's poems published in The Cricket Society News Bulletin

Friday, August 5, 2016 by Mark Pirie

In the May/June 2016 issue of The Cricket Society News Bulletin, I had a special brace of poems featured: Vale: Three Tributes (Brendon McCullum; Martin Crowe; and Phil Hughes) and Dreams, a poem about children at a cricket match.

It was a real honour and a coup to have my poems included.

The editor John Symons, who has been a strong supporter of my cricket poetry endeavours, wrote the following: “My sincere thanks to Mark. Poetry and cricket have always been intertwined but lately it seems that the art may be fading. It needs talents such as Mark’s to bring the two strands of our lives together and keep the flame alive.”

The Cricket Society formed in 1945, and its news bulletins go out to around 1800 members internationally. John Symons is also the MCC Cricket Book of the Year judge with a keen interest in poetry and literature. Fine praise indeed.

John has previously included my poetry in their journal and news bulletins.