NZ Rugby Museum article on Mark Pirie's grandfather

Friday, December 21, 2012 by Mark Pirie

Following a visit to the NZ Rugby Museum at Palmerston North, October 2012, the Director Stephen Berg published an article in the Manawatu Standard, 14 November 2012.

The article relates to the discovery of my grandfather's rugby career through an old photo I had in my possession. I had no knowledge of his career prior to the visit apart from remembered family stories which may be inaccurate. Thanks to Stephen for his help in identifying the photo.

My grandfather Tom Lawn (a tall forward) learned his rugby at Stratford District High School and after played for Sydenham Football Club and Technical Old Boys in Christchurch and College Rifles in Auckland, from 1919-29. He won Canterbury representative honours in 1925. The 1927 College Rifles team that he was part of included three All Blacks and a Maori All Black. He later received an invitation and coached North Shore Club to a good position in 1938 with Bert Cooke, a member of the 1924/25 All Blacks "Invincibles" team.

Here's a link to the article (which includes some of the information found):