broadsheet 23 features Margaret Jeune

Friday, May 10, 2019 by Mark Pirie

The issue of my journal broadsheet, no.23, May 2019, features the Auckland-born poet Margaret Jeune, of Wellington.

The issue gives an overview of her poetry from the 1970s till now. In 2019 my publishing company, HeadworX, published two books of her poetry.

It's nice to recognise and to feature a poet who has remained outside of book publication but has been widely represented in regional journals and anthologies and has pubished consistent work over a long period of time.

Others included were: Anita Arlov, Karen Peterson Butterworth, Tony Chad, Bill Dacker, Michael Duffett (USA), Brentley Frazer (Australia), Siobhan Harvey, Alex Jeune, Margaret Jeune, Annie Newcomer (USA), Alistair Paterson, Mark Raffills, P V Reeves (1927-2019), Marion Rego, Bill Sutton and Gill Ward.

Here's the link: