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Poetry by Mark Pirie in the NZ Cricket Museum Newsletter

The latest edition of the NZ Cricket Museum Newsletter, Winter/Spring 2011, includes a series of poems from my recent anthology A Tingling Catch, including three of my own, further information about the museum's touch-screen interactive project and a prose piece by Madeleine Marie Slavick on Jonny Brugh's one-man play The Second Test (also included on the Tingling Catch blog).

You can download the newsletter as a free PDF from New Zealand Cricket's website.

The poems from A Tingling Catch were 'The Record' and 'To Bert Sutcliffe, Master Batsman' (my own poems), 'Ken Wadsworth' by Brian Turner, 'Poet & Cricketer' by Ron Riddell (for the late David Mitchell) and 'A Tribute to R J Hadlee' by Ian Donnelly.

A further poem of mine, 'At the Basin' for Daniel Vettori, first published by Joseph Romanos in The Wellingtonian, was also included.

Thanks to David Mealing at the New Zealand Cricket Museum for his work on this as well as the exciting new touch-screen interactive initiative.

The New Zealand Cricket Museum now has a new website: