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ESAW publishes Mark Pirie's Ride the Tempest

In December, a book of my uncollected early poems 1993-1995 was published by the Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop (ESAW).

ESAW has published a number of my books previously, and this new book is meant as an archival edition for libraries but not for commercial sale in bookshops.

Libraries are welcome to purchase copies from the publisher: [email protected]

Here's the link:

Mark Pirie's poem bibliography published

Over 2,000 poem publications in a dozen countries worldwide.

November sees the publication of my poem bibliography, an enormous task that took several years to compile from old records, online Google key word searches and via search indexes like Index New Zealand at the National Library of New Zealand.

The project entailed reading a lot of microfilm to find all newspaper publication of my poetry. Like a number of New Zealand authors, I had not kept good records, but the publisher Niel Wright took an interest in my work and encouraged me to complete the huge task.

The bibliography is as complete as I can get it but I recognise some of my online publications have since disappeared from the late 1990s and early Noughties.

Poetry bibliographies turn up all sorts of interesting data as well as empowering authors with a sense of their progress. I didn't think I'd find 2,000 poem publications when I began the project.

I would welcome more poem bibliographies by New Zealand authors and state the necessity of poets keeping records such as these for posterity.

Here's the link to the pdf: /books/bibliography-of-mark-piries-poetry


Mark Pirie's Doctor Who anniversary poem

Last weekend, 24 November 2013, there aired the Doctor Who 50th anniversary feature in New Zealand on Prime TV.

I wrote a poem to celebrate Doctor Who's anniversary:

As a boy I grew up watching Tom Baker as Doctor Who in the 1980s. I continue to follow the series, including the latest 11th Doctor Matt Smith.

Happy birthday Doctor Who!

Landfall reviews Old Hat by Mark Pirie

An interesting review of my latest poetry book, Old Hat: A Book of Triolets, appeared in Landfall Online Review.

The reviewer Lynley Edmeades gives an objective and informed view of what I was attempting with the triolet form in Old Hat.

Here's the link: