Blues v. Hurricanes, April 2013

(A spectator's notes)

Under lights, players seem brighter,
like fast moving trees; the packs
shove, push, show grunt.

Weepu is back to his best,
dashing, opening up spaces
closed just a second ago.

His former teammates
look for holes, mining the Blues'
well formed lines.

Players on both sides
give it all, two players
held up on the try line.

JK* behind the gun,
has the Blues well-trained,
their back moves well executed.

Hammett's men look outgunned
dodging bullets;
Smith and Franks do their best,

but to no avail, Barrett
at full-back shows classy touches
but can't break through.

To the Blues the honours
in a fine match, Eden Park
rugby at its best.

Poem © Mark Pirie 2013

*JK = Sir John Kirwan