Yellow Moon

Yellow Moon | E Marama Rengarenga: Selected Poems

Yellow Moon | E Marama Rengarenga represents a ‘selected poems’ from Mary Maringikura Campbell’s writing life. It reprints the whole of her first collection Maringi, published in 2015 (and twice reprinted), together with uncollected (early and later) poems 1970s-2019.

“Maringikura writes with pleasing simple eloquence but her poems are not simplistic. They are like waka sailing an ocean beneath which flow tides and undercurrents of pathos, love, spiritual seeking, sanity, powerful anger, frustration and personal relationships. There is a feeling of human sensitivity and searching in her work as her poems journey across the ocean of life and death.” - Apirana Taylor

“Maringikura writes powerful poetry from the heart, writing on subjects close to her such as her family and her Tongareva Northern Cook Islands ancestry as well as socio-political observances from her daily life. Maringikura writes accessible, honest and hard-hitting poetry that many will enjoy and is sure to bring her a wide readership.”- from the Editor’s Note