Book Cover

The Search

The Search brings together a collection of 'lost' poems and two stories unearthed from Mark Pirie's early folders, notebooks and journals (mostly handwritten and written between 1993-1996). Together they form an interesting collection showing his early experimentation with form and style towards his own unique and prolific voice in contemporary New Zealand poetry. The Search poems usher in the influence of new generational movements like Grunge and hip hop as well as older influences. Most of the subjects of the early poems involve Wellington and to complement the poems Pirie has added a section of new poems about Wellington and black and white photographs of Wellington city and street scenes by Paekakariki photographer John Girdlestone. Many of Wellington's well known street people and personalities feature in Pirie's poems, including elegies for Robert Jones, Paddy O'Dowd and a tribute to busker legend 'Kenny'. This book will be of interest to people who have travelled to or lived in Wellington over the last decade, and can relate to many of the memories and places mentioned in the poems.