Book Cover

Sounds of Sonnets

Sounds of Sonnets is a collection of sonnets by two well known New Zealand poets. The collaborative volume has a long history in poetry, e.g. Wordsworth and Coleridge's Lyrical Ballads. In contrast Pirie and O'Leary have chosen the sonnet form, a well-known form in New Zealand verse. Each poet has 25 sonnets to depict their style and content, usually elegiac and satirical. In doing so the two poets combine here to produce a substantial volume that will entertain and bring notice once again to the sonnet form in NZ. The book also includes a Foreword on sonnets by Wellington critic/poet F W N Wright and a cover after the Simon and Garfunkel album Sounds of Silence!

"...a book of 25 sonnets each by the two most publicly active and enterprising contemporary New Zealand poets is a timely eye opener on one of our needlessly dark corners." - From the Foreword by F W N Wright