Mahones (Anthology: Four Poets)

In the tradition of New Zealand multi-poet anthologies like "Poems Unpleasant" (James K Baxter, Louis Johnson, and Anton Vogt (1951)) comes a new anthology of 4 experienced New Zealand poets. Functioning as a type of side project to the poet's more traditional individual collections, this collaborative project allows the poets to test the water with experimental and rare works just like the form of the music EP where bands often release unusual rarities or B-sides along with their hit singles. This anthology, Mahones, takes its cue from the US punk band Ramones, and also continues Michael O'Leary and Mark Pirie's comic series of album cover remakes with photos of the 4 poets in Ramones attire by John Girdlestone. Each poet's section uses a Ramones song title as its theme. Contents: Bill Dacker's I Remember You; Michael O'Leary's Blitzkrieg Bop; Mark Pirie's I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend; and Iain Sharp's Swallow Your Pride. Mahones offers a very funny and lively collection of New Zealand poetry.